How to never ghost your email list (and actually enjoy writing your newsletter)

Do you find you're always stopping and restarting your email list? Use these 5 tips to get in a consistent groove AND have fun while you're at it.

Almost everyone I speak to struggles with writing their list consistently.

You know how important it is to nurture your subscribers so you're not that person who only shows up to sell something. But keeping up is hard. Sometimes your email list takes a back burner to client sessions and let’s be media.

And sometimes you don’t know what to say and overthink what you should send.

The key to getting consistent and also enjoying your email list comes down to these five things:

  1. Remember why you started your email list in the first place

  2. Set your non-negotiable newsletter schedule and stick to it

  3. Create a process that’s easy for you and one you can repeat

  4. Diversify your content

  5. Loosen up, we’re not doing brain surgery

1. Why did you start your email list?

Was it to make a ton of money? That’s what some of my Mailchimp students said:

  1. Gaining sales from past clients and getting those back/in our door.

  2. Make me a crap ton of money with automatically set-up processes that allow to me to spend more time on my products and services

  3. Getting more people to buy my products.