Book more clients with this Thank You page strategy

Updated: May 11

100% of your subscribers will see this page after they join your email list. Use this effective strategy to promote your Free Consultation and book more clients.

Today I’m showing you a simple update to your Thank You page that will immediately increase your consultation sign ups, and boost your revenue.

What’s viewed as a transactional part of the email sign up process is a HUGE opportunity waiting for you to capitalize on.

I set this up with my client Sam and he booked a consult the very next day.

First, let’s address a myth about email: you do NOT have to nurture your leads for weeks before selling.

I’ve seen many trainers set up two or three week-long nurture sequences and not pitch their services a single time.

This is a big miss.

A lot of people are following you on social media before they opt in to your list, so they’re further along the customer journey than they’d otherwise be.

Think about it…a typical customer journey for your potential client/customer goes like this:

  1. They follow you on Social Media

  2. They get to know you, like you and trust you

  3. They take the next step and sign up for your Freebie (Lead Magnet), joining your email list

  4. They purchase

Therefore, you need to move up your consultation sales pitch sooner in the process. Or at the very least, let your subscriber know about you offer them.

The simplest, and easiest way to do this, one that 100% of your subscribers will see, is to present your Free Consultation offer on your email sign up Thank You page.

Some people may never get your first email…they could enter the wrong address, it could bounce or go to spam and they’ll never see it.

But every single subscriber will see your Thank You page.

So if you’re offering consultations to book new online clients, pitch your Free 1:1 call right away on the Thank You page.

If someone isn’t ready to sign up they find out it exists. Awareness happens.

Then as they move through your Welcome Sequence and you continue to pitch for your Free consultation, it’s already on their radar.

Here’s what we did with my client Sam.


Sam promoted a Lead Magnet for chronic pain relief. When someone signed up, he linked the subscriber to a page with the Lead Magnet given right there on the page.

You don’t want to do this.

You shouldn’t give your Lead Magnet on the Thank You page because then your subscriber has no reason to go find it in their inbox. You want to do everything you can to get your subscriber to open up your first email.

When someone looks for your Lead Magnet in their inbox after signing up, you’ll get these important new-subscriber wins:

  1. They see your name in their inbox so they know it’s you for future emails

  2. If they don’t see it, they’ll know to look for it in spam or email you (their address is wrong and you can fix it)

So the first step for Sam was to update his email sign up process so he delivers the Lead Magnet through email. Then, we made a HUGE change to his Thank You page.


Sam offers a Lead Magnet on chronic pain to get subscribers on his list, but his ultimate goal is to book consultations for his private practice.

Sam’s path to purchase looks like this:

Social Media/Blogs >> Email List >> Consultation Call >> New Client

Getting someone on his email list is the first step, so he offers a great Freebie. His welcome sequence promotes the next step which is booking a Consultation Call.

Since we know the next step we want his audience to take (Consultation Call), we featured this on his email sign up Thank You page.

Now, the second someone subscribes, they see his offer for a Free Consultation call:

He booked a consultation immediately.

Featuring his pitch right away creates awareness for every subscriber. They may not be ready to book a consult, but now they know it’s an option.

It can take up to 8 times seeing your offer before someone takes action. Therefore, use your Thank You page to boost awareness. If you wait to offer your Free Consult in your follow up email sequence, you could miss out on someone who was ready in that moment.

*Note: Sam also has a page on his website dedicated solely for his Free Consult.

Things to consider for your Thank You Page Strategy

Think about the next step you want your subscriber to take with you. If it’s not a Free Consultation, there are many other options to promote on your email sign up Thank You page.

Options to consider:

  • Your Free Webinar. Use an evergreen webinar to pitch your premium course and offer your new email subscribers a huge value with a 50% off coupon code.

  • Your low cost item, such as your Home Workout program, or your new book. Give a limited time discount for your subscriber if they buy right then, such as 20% off or covering the shipping for your book. After someone makes a purchase with you, they are more likely to make another purchase from you.

  • Your Membership Group with a limited time discount if they sign up today

  • Something seasonal or situational, like a speaking event (oh, the glorious pre-pandemic days), or a special webinar coming up where you’re launching a new product.

You can rotate what you put on your Thank You page based on your current goals and product offering. You can test a couple things over the year and see what drives more growth.

What if you’re not selling yet, or your client roster is full?

You should still create a premium experience by personalizing the Thank You page. You can take what would otherwise be very mundane and transactional and make a lasting impression with your new subscriber.

Ask yourself: how can I over deliver or create a special moment for them?

This could be another bonus download related to your Freebie, such as a check list that complements your Freebie. Or a new add on to it that you just launched.

It could be a quick 2-minute video where you thank them and let them know you’re pumped they joined your list. Video is a great way to create a personal connection.

Just take advantage of this valuable (free) real estate. Don’t settle for the automated “Success! Your subscription is confirmed” message that your email tool auto populates. Anyone can do that.

But you can stand out from the moment someone joins your list.