Book more clients with this Thank You page strategy

Updated: May 11, 2021

100% of your subscribers will see this page after they join your email list. Use this effective strategy to promote your Free Consultation and book more clients.

Today I’m showing you a simple update to your Thank You page that will immediately increase your consultation sign ups, and boost your revenue.

What’s viewed as a transactional part of the email sign up process is a HUGE opportunity waiting for you to capitalize on.

I set this up with my client Sam and he booked a consult the very next day.

First, let’s address a myth about email: you do NOT have to nurture your leads for weeks before selling.

I’ve seen many trainers set up two or three week-long nurture sequences and not pitch their services a single time.

This is a big miss.

A lot of people are following you on social media before they opt in to your list, so they’re further along the customer journey than they’d otherwise be.

Think about it…a typical customer journey for your potential client/customer goes like this:

  1. They follow you on Social Media

  2. They get to know you, like you and trust you

  3. They take the next step and sign up for your Freebie (Lead Magnet), joining your email list

  4. They purchase

Therefore, you need to move up your consultation sales pitch sooner in the process. Or at the very least, let your subscriber know about you offer them.

The simplest, and easiest way to do this, one that 100% of your subscribers will see, is to present your Free Consultation offer on your email sign up Thank You page.

Some people may never get your first email…they could enter the wrong address, it could bounce or go to spam and they’ll never see it.

But every single subscriber will see your Thank You page.

So if you’re offering consultations to book new online clients, pitch your Free 1:1 call right away on the Thank You page.

If someone isn’t ready to sign up they find out it exists. Awareness happens.

Then as they move through your Welcome Sequence and you continue to pitch for your Free consultation, it’s already on their radar.

Here’s what we did with my client Sam.


Sam promoted a Lead Magnet for chronic