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Be the bright spot in your subscriber's inbox and turn them into a paying customer.

I work exclusively with Fit Pros and help you implement battle tested strategies so you can scale your income with email.


I typically work with Fit Pros who are in two places:


1. "Start my email list" has been on your to do list for as long as you can remember but you're struggling to get things going.  You want help getting things launched and feeling confident that you've got everything set up correctly AND a plan to write your newsletter (without needing a blog every week). My 4-Week Launch Package is perfect for you. Click here to book a Free Discovery Call.


2.  You've got your email list started but you know you could be doing more.  You're ready to optimize your list and start converting more leads to clients with automation. I specialize in helping you write personalized sequences that sell AND helping you launch your course.  The first step is to book a Free Discovery Call.

Email packages for Fit Pros

4 Week Launch Plan

  • Create a Lead Magnet that attracts potential buyers

  • Custom Forms and Welcome Email

  • Formalize your Newsletter Strategy + increase your open rates

  • Includes 4 1-hr Coaching Calls (typically used weekly)

  • Access to all my Email Templates so you don't write from scratch

  • Unlimited email coaching

  • Bonus Call 3-4 weeks after we wrap


Leverage Your List

Start selling more and retaining clients with advanced automated sequences. Add a Sales Sequence, Onboarding Sequence, Upsell Sequence (just to name a few). 

  • Includes 4 1-hr Coaching Calls

  • Access to all my Email Templates so you don't write from scratch

  • Unlimited email coaching

  • Plus I'll audit your current email list (Lead Magnet, Newsletter) so you optimize from top to bottom

Starting at $1,000

Launch Your Course

Launch your new course with a proven framework to help you sell more:

  • Pre-Launch emails that prime your audience

  • Sales emails that sound like you and convert

  • Post-Launch emails that continue to nurture your leads AND make your new customers happy they bought.

  • Includes weekly 1-hr Coaching Calls 

  • Unlimited email coaching

  • Access to all my Email Templates so you don't write from scratch

Starting at $1750
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James Krieger

Tara helped me double my email sales in one month.

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Chad Landers

After 30 years in the fitness industry, I still didn’t have an email list. Tara helped me understand why a small, loyal email list is more valuable than “likes” on social media.


Paul Nobles

“Tara’s precision made a massive impact on my business. My email sales grew by 240%”

Free Email Bootcamp

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email marketing guide

Ready to build your email list and make money with it? This free 3-day email course shows you:

  • How to build your list with potential clients

  • What emails to write first

  • The key strategy to making money with email (hint: there are no quick-fixes)